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The founder, Noor Afshar

My name is Noor Afshar and I am an eleventh grader at the Archer School For Girls. I wanted to start this charity as a way to help the community around me and communities overseas during covid 19. I decided to start this charity with a focus on childbirth in impoverished areas and ensuring that mothers have access to healthcare. Although in the past few months, I slowly shifted into a new direction toward refugees and specifically refugees in Middle Eastern countries. This focus is extremely important to me because I come from past refugees of Iran. My grandfathers both fled Iran during the revolution and came to Switzerland and America. Ever since that very moment my family has engraved this multicultural view and history into my eyes and my brother's eyes. Therefore, after talking to the head of the UN Refugee Organization I realized this truly was my passion. Please ask me or contact me any questions or ideas you may have. 

Thank you so much for helping me change the world one second at a time

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